Finding the best online cannabis dispensary can be frustrating. Online stores are galore, and it isn’t easy to gauge their legitimacy. If you want to purchase cannabis online, make sure that the stores are licensed and regulated. However, there are several other factors to consider. Hopefully, this article can tell you precisely what to look for and tips on choosing the best online cannabis store and through mail order marijuana

  1. Customer reviews 

Read customer reviews online, which may be obvious, but many people fail to do that. Therefore, they quickly become prey to fraudulent dealers. Yelp and Google reviews can provide you with a ton of information about the reputation of online cannabis stores. You’ll find both positive and negative reviews. But too many negative reviews should raise red flags.

  1. Delivery services

Once you buy cannabis online, you probably want it delivered as soon as possible instead of waiting weeks for it to be delivered. A good cannabis seller should have several branches online to avoid delays, and an excellent online store should offer delivery on the same day. Before buying your stuff from an online marijuana dispensary, check their delivery policies.

  1. Bargain prices

For most people, price is of paramount importance. However, beware of the deals that seem to be too good. Avoid buying cannabis from a dispensary that offers inviting incentives that are way below the market prices. The cannabis could be diluted or tainted. However, reputable manufacturers only offer price bargains to regular patrons to avoid being seen as a fraud. 

  1. Product Quality

One of the most pertinent tips on choosing the best online cannabis store is verifying the product quality. If they are reputable, they will guarantee the product quality, and you will be able to see it from their online store. But you must explore further to check if the manufacturer meets the legal requirements stipulated by the state.

  1. Due diligence

Every player can afford to build a responsive website and a professional store. But it takes a lot of time and resources to start a marijuana business. Therefore, any cheap cannabis dispensary and manufacturer should make you doubtful. Avoid purchasing from such shoddy websites unless you have done due diligence. Otherwise, you can be the scammer’s next prey.


Consider all the above tips on choosing the best online cannabis store. But also make sure that they sell them wholesale. That way, you can buy the products in bulk and get bargains. Good deals are essential if you are a heavy user because they can save you from the hassle of ordering frequently. Moreover, you can also save shipping costs when you make bulk purchases. We hope that finding the best online store is not as hard as it sounds.

How to take Magic Mushrooms Safely


Magic mushrooms can be grown or obtained from the wild. The shrooms contain a compound known as psilocybin that occurs naturally during its growth. Psilocybin is a hallucinogen that reacts with a serotonin receptor found in the brain to produce the “high effect,” better known as an altered state of mind. In this article, we learn how to take magic mushrooms safely and mitigate the risks associated with the intake of these mushrooms. 

Factors to consider before you start taking mushrooms 

It is essential to think of certain questions that will enable you to have a clear understanding of how to take magic mushrooms safely 

  • Why do you want to ingest mushrooms? Is it to have a taste of how it feels, peer pressure, or do you need to avoid some problems – if this is the case, Won’t the problems still be there once you retrieve your sensory controls? It’s best to solve them once and for all. 
  • Do you have a friend to help you out in case of a bad trip – A designated driver who will not trip and take good care of you through your ‘high” process? 
  • Are you conversant with your mushroom dealer – Your dealer should be knowledgeable about the mushroom sales in addition to being trustworthy. 
  • Plan for any eventualities – The whole process can take 8 -12 hours. It’s best to research more and plan for solutions in case of bad trips. 

When tripping  

  • Ensure that you don’t mix different substances and stick to one substance. Every substance has its side effects, and mixing them can lead to scary effects like fear, confusion, and paranoia. 
  • Be in the right mind frame – Psilocybin has always triggered psychotic episodes; you should avoid it in case of a mental illness background in the family. 
  • While you are under the influence, your body’s coordination is heavily impaired. Having a designated driver is a good setup that ensures you get home safely. 
  • Choose a comfortable setting that will ensure a safe trip – avoid mirrors, unplanned sexual encounters and steer clear of people you don’t trust. 

What to do in case of a bad trip 

Before we delve into what to do in case of a bad trip, let’s take a look at the symptoms that tell you to have a bad trip.  

  • Numerous flashbacks that are frightening 
  • Losing complete control of yourself 

Mitigate the above by going to a safe place and play some soothing music to the victim, encourage them to surrender to the feeling.  

Addiction, withdrawal, and when to seek help 

Psilocybin does not cause addiction since the body can build a tolerance mechanism quickly. However, there have been some instances of depression cases when people tried to withdraw from the drug. All in all, if you tend to have a habit of ingesting mushrooms daily, then it’s high time to seek help from recognized institutions. 

Conclusively, Mushroom is a class A drug that is classified as illegal to sell or possess. Flaunting this possession law can lead to 7 years of imprisonment, while dishing it out to friends leads to life imprisonment. Although these solutions may help on how to take magic mushrooms safely, I reiterate that it’s best to avoid hallucinogens altogether. Taking Mushroom is not worth it, considering all of the above. There is more to life than getting “high.” 

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CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant. It is among the two active combinations (ingredients) of cannabis. Scientists have researched that CBD is very effective in accelerating anxiety. It also helps in pain and chronic inflammation. CBD substances can also help minimize cognitive decline. Manufacturers incorporate the CBD substances with oil to get CBD oil. The oil is mixed with a range of cosmetics and used as beauty cosmetics. There are many uses of CBD cosmetics. In this article, we shall discuss why CBD cosmetics are important and how are used. 


Acne is a skin condition found in human beings. They are the most common conditions in the human body. CBD Cosmetics contains many compounds that have properties of oil-reducing, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help in improving Acne. Also, research has shown that CBD products help in preventing sebocytes from accumulating too much sebum. Sebum assists in protecting our bodies but too much of it can cause acne conditions. CBD cosmetics are also good. And beneficial since it helps in treating acne scars when they appear. 


The study has shown that CBD products when applied to human skins, help in medication of some of the common characteristics (symptoms) of body conditions. One of the skin conditions may include dryness and body itching. The properties of the anti-inflammatory contained in the CBD products are helpful. In particular, they help in minimizing the potential triggers associated with dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. In addition, CBD oil (cosmetics) when applied to human bodies helps in smoothening the skin. CBD oil helps reducing irritation appearances. 


The oxidative stress under antioxidant properties incorporated in CBD cosmetics can be helpful and may even positively contribute to the aging process. Also, the inflammatory properties contained in most CBD products are very helpful in preventing aging appear on the skin. 


Generally, cannabis plants consist of antifungal and antibacterial properties. These properties are helpful and can be used in treating infections or diseases on the skin.  


As much as CBD products have the above advantages, there are some risks associated with their use. And may include the following; 

  • Drowsiness 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Fatigue 
  • Some changes in weight 
  • Lack of appetite 

It is advised that before using CBD cosmetics, those people who recently take prescribed medications inform their doctors for guidance and counseling. Before the use of any CBD cosmetics. This is because CBD is very interactive with medications procedures. 


First, when using any CBD product is very crucial to follow instructions. It helps by providing information like how often the product is taken and the quantity to be taken. 

In conclusion, CBD cosmetics are helpful in many ways. As seen from the above, CBD products are healthy to use despite the associated risks. 


Cannabis is one of the most delicate plants with controversial arguments. Its use can either worsen your situation or add value to it. Therefore, before you decide on consuming it, ensure you have a wide knowledge of the risks and benefits. However, research proves that cannabis health uses are slowly overtaking its bad effects making it legal in most states. 


Cannabis is a general term of three psychoactive plants i.e., cannabis ruderalis, cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Sativa. Their flowers form the raw material. After harvesting, they are dried and crushed before the addition of other additives. The two main extracts being Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). 

CBD is non-euphoric and non-intoxicating. It does not get the consumer “high” hence most widely used in the health sector. THC forms the larger psychoactive part of cannabis. It makes the user “high” hence preferred for personal use. Cannabis product can either contain both extracts and each separately. 

CBD uses 

When you hear of cannabis health uses, what always comes next is the type of CBD. Its dosage can be in tablets, creams, or oils. However, to qualify for application, it must have a 0.3% THC content or less. This forms the legal part of CBD. It applies for  

1. Pain relieving – the brain forms the major response organ of the human body. It interlinks with nerves that form the pain receptor unit. This entity is responsible for transmitting pulses from an injured part of the body to the brain resulting in pain feeling. CBD influences the activity of this unit to ease inflammation. 

2. Cancer treatment – cancer deaths rank top in most states worldwide. Its treatment comes with the use of high-power equipment such as x-rays and radiation machines. Besides, other drugs in the application may have negative impacts resulting in complications such as nausea. A 2019 CBD review of Vivo studies revealed that it could eliminate tumor cell growth, and reduce its invasion. This slows cancer cells’ growth. CBD intake amongst cancer patients also minimizes the related treatment effects such as pain and nausea. 

3. Heart treatment – CBD has antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties that cool the risk factors of heart disease. A relaxing and calming effect of cannabis maximizes quality blood flow and generally the desired heart health. 

4. Relieves stress and anxiety – CBD induces the brain to release serotonin. This biological antidepressant fights such situations to normalize body functions. It works better compared to the pharmaceuticals that may bring along negative impacts. 

5. Substance abuse relief – addiction ranks the largest impact of drug abuse. Withdrawal attempts come with negative responses such as chronic pain. This leads to the prescription of painkillers that may not perform well compared to CBD. Its ability to control pain and brain function makes it a first choice. 

Intake methods 

Effective cannabis health uses count on dosage prescription and administration methods. Each choice with a varying response time and effects. Therefore, always seek clarification from a professional doctor for guidelines. Cannabis intake approaches include smoking, vaping, and edibles. For edibles, you can have them infused in drinks and food. Vaping refers to the inhaling of heated oil. 

Health effects 

Despite its multiple benefits, cannabis abuse is prone to complications such as chronic coughing and acute bronchitis. Smoking, in turn, results in lung distortion and blood vessel damage. Therefore, intake should always follow a doctor’s prescription. 

Bottom Line 

Cannabis health benefits are infinitely becoming adverse. Thus, it is undoubtedly getting a wider acceptance and application. However, to maintain this, use it wisely to avoid negative impacts. 

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How to take marijuana edibles safely


Marijuana has different forms of intake and one is through edibles. Some of this edibles may resemble food products in the market and people may take marijuana without them knowing. Marijuana have different health benefits that are unclear but the number of people consuming marijuana have increased considerably. Some doctors oppose the consumption of marijuana edible. They highly discourage it, but the debate of whether marijuana is good for our health or not is indeterminable. How to take marijuana edibles safely is what I have covered in my article below. 

Health benefits 

In some countries cannabis was used as a medicine in the ancient days. It was believed to relieve pain whenever a person was hurt and also treat deforms related with the digestive system. Edible cannabis was used to relieve stress. Human are affected by stress and the best way to overcome stress was by consuming edible cannabis since it induces feelings of relaxation. Cannabis also has non-intoxicating which prevents inflammations on the body. Nausea and vomiting are another deformities that affects human which are usually a signs of a number of diseases. Poor appetite is experienced by many and with cannabis it is able to cure. The edibles that you are required to consume are such as gummies, tinctures and oils. As a fore mentioned, this edibles also cure pain. They also help a lot in weight loss mostly applicable in people who have been affected cancer. Cannabis is also used in manufacture of medicines due to its medicinal value. 

How to take marijuana edibles 

Many people prefer eating weed to smoking it since eating is to best form that has less side effect and greater power of medicinal effect. There has been difficulties in controlling the amount of marijuana to take so as to treat the purposed area. Although there has been no cases of a person dying because of excessive consumption of marijuana, it is always good to consider the amount of consumption of marijuana. First you need to understand how marijuana works in your body so that you are able to limit yourself when consuming it. In general, marijuana should be taken in precise amount so as to avoid damaging your brain. 

What to note before consumption 

There are a number of things that you should always ascertain before consuming marijuana edibles. It will always help on how to take marijuana edibles safely. Having clear thoughts on what is expected after you take marijuana is crucial thing to observe before eating marijuana. Marijuana interferes with the medicine prescribed by the doctor. Eating of marijuana edibles while in treatment, it may cause disagreement among the medicines you are taking for treatment and marijuana taken through the edibles.  

Also, if it is your first time to consume marijuana edibles, it is advisable that you start with small or low amount of intake which is naturally not detrimental to the normal functioning of the body. It is preferred for you to take the first dose at night or in the evening since marijuana makes a person feels relaxed and sleepy after using it. You are supposed to consume more edibles after 2 hours, the effect are felt after two hours and this help you dictate the amount of intake. You should always store marijuana edible safely. Storing safely means keeping them away from pets, kids or visitors who may think are just snacks. Marijuana edibles may affect the above mentioned negatively since they cannot limit themselves from eating. 


Having all the above in mind, how to take marijuana edibles safely becomes easy for you. Your safety is the most important thing to consider when consuming marijuana edibles. 

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CBD vs THC effects

The above-mentioned names refer to Cannabis products which are legal to be used. The two mentioned substances have made people to grow more curious to know more about their selections. CBD means cannabidiol while THC in full name it is referred to as tetrahydrocannabinol. In this article am going to look at the comparisons of effects between the THC and CBD. 


Cannabidiol is a Cannabis product that is extracted from hemp wholesale dispensary Canada. It is the second most prevent of the active ingredients of marijuana. We get CBD from hemp plant that is said to a cousin of the marijuana plant. According to World Health Organization, does not displays properties revealing of any abuse and up to now there are no evidence of public health related problems caused by uncontaminated CBD. The most important thing to note about CBD is that it is very effective when it comes to treating cruelest childhood epilepsy syndromes. CBD is used in together with other various conditions such as pain, seizures and nausea. 


Tetrahydrocannabinol can be said to be a chemical that is accountable for most of cannabis psychological effects. According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, According THC is turns like Cannabinoid substances made naturally by the body. According to research THC is said to stimulate cell that are found in brain to make them produce dopamine and creating euphoria. THC is used to help with; pain, anxiety and muscle spasticity. 

Effects of THC 

Although THC has got several benefits and several uses it has got some side effects when used in wrong way. Whenever using THC for medicinal use, you should make sure that in small doses to prevent some of the effects such as increased heartrate and memory loss. That being not enough excessive use of THC may lead to someone having anxiety which may lead to memory loss. Additionally, one can lose memory and face coordination problems if THC is used in unappropriated manner. 

Effects of CBD 

When it come to the side effects CBD is not left behind. If CBD is used in large amount it may lead to side effect though not that fatal. Even though CBD does not cause fatal effects to our bodies it leads to the following effects; When used in wrong amount is lead to appetite changes, fatigue, diarrhea, weight loss and dizziness. 

What to Note about THC and CBD 

The following are differences that we should note about the CBD and THC. When it comes to side of side effects CBD has some minor effects while THC is said to have Psychoactive side effects. Both CBD and THC do reduce pain, relieves nausea and reduces anxiety. 


 Having looked at the two products of Marijuana we have learnt that THC and CBD are most prominent cannabinoids found in the cannabis is easy to say that anything with advantages must have a disadvantage. Both CBD and THC has got medical benefits. It is also good to note that are said to safe but it is good to take note on their side effects and connections with other drugs that you might be taking. It is always good to talk to your doctor before you decide on which product to use.