Vape pens vs smoking pure joints reviews

Just as the name suggests, a vape pen is long, slim and has a similar shape as that of a pen. It’s almost the same as cigarettes although they operate using batteries unlike cigarettes.  Smoking on the other hand entails inhaling and exhaling fumes that come out of burnt plant materials. 

Most young people get attracted to vaping since it has sweet flavors. The traditional cigarettes had a foul smell which made smokers feel like social outcasts. Vaping made the number of smokers increase because of the sweet flavor.

Vape pens vs smoking pure joints reviews

Most countries across the globe have passed laws against vaping and use of cigarettes majorly to the young people below the age of 18 years due to the health effects they cause to human beings. Inhaling smoke of any form is so dangerous since it accumulates in the lungs causing health conditions. Smoking has also been associated with risks of lower back pains as well as rheumatoid arthritis.


Many people believed the use of vape pens is safer than the traditional cigarettes since health reports showed that the vape pen had fewer chemicals found in it. It was later realized that Vaping and smoking has numerous health risks to both the body, joints, and bones. This essay will help you understand more on Vape pens vs Smoking pure joints effects.

Effects of Vape pens to joints

Despite vape pens being perceived as the safest way of smoking; it causes diverse effects to the joints since it decreases bone cells’ ability to live therefore affecting orthopedic surgical procedures. The pens contain nicotine. Nicotine slows blood flow to the joints, hence weakening them. It also lowers the oxygen levels in the body which is important for general health of the body, bone fusion and general body healing. In addition to that, it causes the stunt development of new bones as well as bones lose minerals and density.

Effects of Smoking to joints

People who smoke are exposed to the high risk of osteoporosis i.e., weakness of bones causing fractures particularly on the hip and vertebra.  Cigarettes contain tobacco. The tobacco reduces the density of bones since it slows down the production of bone-forming cells. Estrogen hormone plays a vital role in protecting bones, tobacco increases the rate at which it’s broken down. It also reduces Calcium absorption which is important for bone mineralization.

Bottom line

Vane pens vs Smoking pure joints effects is so unsafe to young generations, pregnant women, and people with special respiratory conditions. It’s therefore important that we educate people on their effects and of cos do more research on the long-term effects that accompany the use of Vape pens and smoking.

In conclusion, research shows people who smoke are more likely to experience three times back pains than those who don’t smoke. Smoking and use of vape pens is not good for our health. It causes lung cancer, coronary heart diseases, stroke and imposes harm to the musculoskeletal system. In an event that you get involved in an accident and get fractured, if a surgical procedure is to be carried out, your orthopedic surgeon advises that you stop smoking few weeks before the procedure is carried out. That clearly shows the damages it causes to the joints and bones.

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