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Special Motorcycle Accident Law – ­There are two main issues that have formed the talk of motorcyclist across the US; Helmets and Lane Splitting.  There is some wave of passion from Personal Injury motorcyclist that is usually evoked whenever these two issues are mentioned. Each and every state has its own Motorcycle accident law that covers helmets and lane splitting and therefore it is easier to find a motorcyclist facing different scenarios whenever there is a change of state or locality. In simple terms, the Michigan motorcycle accident could not be the same as that of Texas.

The Helmet Law –it is hard to find a Motorcycle accident law firms in Saint John, NB that does not talk of the helmet law and many states have the helmet law in their books. In fact, most states have the helmet law as a code in their official position. Some states don’t factor age of the rider and they make mandatory for riders to wear helmets especially in their first years of driving. It is however different in Texas and Florida where a rider who has medical insurance is exempted from wearing helmet.

Don’t Neglect – It is important to note that wearing a helmet is usually a good thing for a driver to do especially in the event you are involved in accident then it is easier to file a claim and or even collect damages. However, insurance companies and courts will determine fault and value of your case in their own ways in the case you are involved in accident without a helmet and this is regardless of the particular state’s motorcycle accident law.

Lane splitting and Sharing –lane splitting might be a legal practice in many parts of the world such as Europe, japan among others, but in the US, it is mostly illegal. However, it is not uncommon to find lane splitting in some states such as California whose motorcycle accident law allows a rider to utilize lanes found between stopped traffic. Lane splitting in California according to the states Highway patrol is accepted as long as the rider observes the necessary safety measures. There are two factors taken into account in this case and that is the speed of the rider and the surrounding traffic.

There is usually a big problem paused by lane splitting car accidents in case they cause injury. Parties that were injured during what is seen as illegal riding do not get some kind attention from insurance adjusters. When you were lane splitting and got involved in an accident, it is usually an uphill task trying to convince an insurance adjuster to pay a claim. Your actions are normally viewed by adjusters as an act of negligence because you may have also endangered the lives of other motorists.

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