How to take Magic Mushrooms Safely


Magic mushrooms can be grown or obtained from the wild. The shrooms contain a compound known as psilocybin that occurs naturally during its growth. Psilocybin is a hallucinogen that reacts with a serotonin receptor found in the brain to produce the “high effect,” better known as an altered state of mind. In this article, we learn how to take magic mushrooms safely and mitigate the risks associated with the intake of these mushrooms. 

Factors to consider before you start taking mushrooms 

It is essential to think of certain questions that will enable you to have a clear understanding of how to take magic mushrooms safely 

  • Why do you want to ingest mushrooms? Is it to have a taste of how it feels, peer pressure, or do you need to avoid some problems – if this is the case, Won’t the problems still be there once you retrieve your sensory controls? It’s best to solve them once and for all. 
  • Do you have a friend to help you out in case of a bad trip – A designated driver who will not trip and take good care of you through your ‘high” process? 
  • Are you conversant with your mushroom dealer – Your dealer should be knowledgeable about the mushroom sales in addition to being trustworthy. 
  • Plan for any eventualities – The whole process can take 8 -12 hours. It’s best to research more and plan for solutions in case of bad trips. 

When tripping  

  • Ensure that you don’t mix different substances and stick to one substance. Every substance has its side effects, and mixing them can lead to scary effects like fear, confusion, and paranoia. 
  • Be in the right mind frame – Psilocybin has always triggered psychotic episodes; you should avoid it in case of a mental illness background in the family. 
  • While you are under the influence, your body’s coordination is heavily impaired. Having a designated driver is a good setup that ensures you get home safely. 
  • Choose a comfortable setting that will ensure a safe trip – avoid mirrors, unplanned sexual encounters and steer clear of people you don’t trust. 

What to do in case of a bad trip 

Before we delve into what to do in case of a bad trip, let’s take a look at the symptoms that tell you to have a bad trip.  

  • Numerous flashbacks that are frightening 
  • Losing complete control of yourself 

Mitigate the above by going to a safe place and play some soothing music to the victim, encourage them to surrender to the feeling.  

Addiction, withdrawal, and when to seek help 

Psilocybin does not cause addiction since the body can build a tolerance mechanism quickly. However, there have been some instances of depression cases when people tried to withdraw from the drug. All in all, if you tend to have a habit of ingesting mushrooms daily, then it’s high time to seek help from recognized institutions. 

Conclusively, Mushroom is a class A drug that is classified as illegal to sell or possess. Flaunting this possession law can lead to 7 years of imprisonment, while dishing it out to friends leads to life imprisonment. Although these solutions may help on how to take magic mushrooms safely, I reiterate that it’s best to avoid hallucinogens altogether. Taking Mushroom is not worth it, considering all of the above. There is more to life than getting “high.” 

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