De-mystifying Food Intolerance Testing

If you want to be able to get over the symptoms that normally come with allergies and , then it is important for you to ensure that you have a diagnosis that is accurate. Once you are able to know the exact foods that you are sensitive to and the adverse reaction you normally have once you have these foods, then you can easily be able to control the entire situation. When you decide to work with a diagnosis that is not accurate enough, then you may find yourself cutting out on the wrong type of foods and you may even be taking the wrong medications and supplements. You need to be guided through the whole process for you to be sure that you are not making any kind of mistakes that may end up costing you a lot.

The common types of food intolerance testing

When you look at a deep overview of the main foods that are tested when it comes to , you will be able to understand what this kind of test is all about. Doing this will also help you better understand the different types of food that your body is intolerant to and how you can be able to handle it.

  • Getting skin pricks so that you can be able to

    determine which food you are allergic to

The most common name for this kind of test is the scratch test. It normally works through a liquid drop which tends to contain distilled elements of a variety of foods. The drop is usually released onto your forearm if you are the one who is undergoing the test. What the professional who is carrying out the test is going to do is that they will go ahead and scratch a part of your skin and then put the liquid drop. When this is done and that part of your skin swells, then chances are high that you are intolerant to that type of food. In some cases, it may even take a total of 30 minutes before you can begin to see some kind of reaction, according to a top Mission Dentist.

  • The intradermal type of food testing

This type tends to work with the same understanding of the However, in this case, the specific compound is going to be injected right under the skin compared to it been dropped on the skin. This type of test is normally done when it is found that you are only having a mild reaction to the skin scratch type of test. The intradermal type is able to show a complete marked reaction which is definitely going to tell you if you have some kind of allergic reaction to a particular food.