Best Practices for Issuing Employee Paychecks

You’ve paid you’re employees many times over. You have probably lost track of the number of times you paid your employees .You are an expert at paying employees. That’s nice. You have your own payment procedures that you regularly follow. Have you ever stopped to ask whether they’re the best? You’re employees might be used to your procedures, it’s normal to them, second to nature, but does that mean they’re the best? Well here’s a list of questions you should consider in your payment system: 

Is it automated? 

Technology is amazing. It makes everything easier for us. You need to ask yourself whether the technology out there is working for you, making your work easier. This will save you time, and money hiring a professional to do some of the work that got automated a few years ago. An example of this is using accounting software that calculates how much you should pay your employees at the end of your working time period as specified in the contract. This saves you money on paper needed to print and calculate employee pay as that can be done in a soft copy. It also saves you on time needed to manually count employee records in a large organization. 

Is it efficient? 

Efficiency is an important thing. Efficiency here is the ability of something to get the work done with the least waste in time and effort. So an efficient system is one that gets the most productivity out of the least resources. Let’s take two business resources, time and money. You need time to make profits; you need money to run operations. In a paycheck system, you can save money by reducing the number of accountants needed to get the job done and the amount of paper needed. To save on time you might need to use software that does all the work in the touch of a button. This might just be summarized by, ‘use the most recent software in the accounting business.’  

Is it reliable? 

Consider a paycheck system that makes you overpay your employees in one month then underpay them in the next. Chances are you’d lose a lot of money. Your overpaid employees will keep quiet about their predicament and your underpaid employees will always be grumpy and if they’re really aggressive, you’ll find them out in the streets. That’s something you don’t want. How can that happen? You may ask. Well, it’s quite simple; your paycheck system allows room for error. It allows room for scheming and lazy employees to take advantage and manipulate the system. All in all, your paycheck system needs to be free from this. 

Is it secure? 

Another important aspect in a paycheck system is security. You wouldn’t want a system where if there was to be a blackout or a break-in in your offices, you lose all your data. That’s crazy. All your employees who worked and trusted you for days, some weeks, can’t be paid because you lost all their data. You wouldn’t want that. The best thing to do is have a back up over the internet. 

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