Top Interior Home Designer Trends in 2020

The start of a decade is always considered an ideal moment to bring up to date your interior home designing. It is the perfect timing to refresh the heart of your house with a wall color change, new kitchen ideas or simply adding some pieces of art to your walls. There have been a number of themes and schemes seeping their way into interior home designs over the past months that experts cannot wait to see trend this 2020. They include:

  1. Traditional Prints Within Modern Spaces

Chintz is back! “What is chintz?”, you may be asking. Chintz, originally referred to as glazed calico textiles especially those imported from India, are printed multi-colored cotton fabric with designs such as flower prints and other patterns of different colors on them. They are typically done on a light background to bring out the pop in color. When matched with contemporary pieces when doing interior home designing, it brings out the wow factor. Click here for furniture.

  • Texture, Texture and More Texture

The texture is increasingly being used to add scrutiny into rooms when it comes to home designing. One can layer up different textures in one color or several similar ones. If you love neutral colors, then this is a perfect way for you to decorate different rooms without having to choose too many colors. Cushions and blankets are an obvious way of varying texture within a living room. Regarding other rooms, plants, prints and a few knick-knacks here and there can be a good way to vary the texture.

  • Animal Prints

Animal prints are set to be a game-changer in the home designing trends this 2020. The question remains, how do you style different animal prints without the room looking like a messy cross-breeding zoo? The way to go about this is by starting small. Add a few small accents in the form of small accessories or soft furnishing. If you like the outcome, you can now go all out and get curtains and rugs to blend in.

  • Curved Sofas

These were a popular design in the mid-century times, according to Benjamin Rug and Home. Curved sofas in attractive rich velvets, even in the simplest of spaces, give an immediate glamorous vibe. As much as these pieces are drooled over when seen in antique shops, they are often pricey. Be sure to budget well in case you are considering this as an option for your interior home designing this 2020.

  • Embrace Pink

When you think of the color pink, the most probably thought that comes to mind is a young girl who loves her Barbie dolls. However, pink is now a loved choice in interior home designing but a few rules need to be considered. First, avoid the bright shade; muted, blush-toned pinks are the way to go. Secondly, keep the finishes matt. Anything too shiny will probably take you back to a six-year old’s dream bedroom.

These are just some of the many interior home designs set to trend this 2020. Time to try out any and see how they work for you and your home spaces.